Failure to Diagnose Cancer
Cancer can be deadly if not caught early enough to fight it. Unfortunately, physicians often fail to timely diagnose Cancer even with classic signs and symptoms present. In such cases, patients are deprived of meaningful and necessary treatment that could have properly treated their condition. It is axiomatic that the earlier Cancer is diagnosed the better off the patient will be.

Erb’s Palsy
This condition involves the completely avoidable injury to the nerves of the newborn’s brachial plexus during the course of delivery. This condition can result in the permanent deformity of the child’s arm and hand.

Birth Injuries
While child birth has become increasingly safe in recent decades it is not without its pitfalls. Unfortunately, some of the most tragic cases involve permanent injuries to newborns during the course of delivery.

Delayed Diagnosis
It is plain logic that the sooner a disease or injury is diagnosed, the easier it is to cure it or repair it. The failure of a physician to make a timely diagnosis of a sickness or injury may allow significant progression of the illness or injury that could have been avoided.

Surgical Malpractice
To Err is Human- the consequences of a misguided surgical hand are often permanent and even deadly. Unfortunately, even in the 21st Century surgeons have been found to operate on the wrong body part or have injured their patients during the course of a procedure.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
Unfortunately, negligence and abuse is commonplace in the Nursing Home Setting. Too often, the complaints of elderly residents are ignored and result in preventable injuries such as bed sores or pressure ulcers. Our firm continues to fight to prevent substandard treatment for those members of society that are most vulnerable.

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