1.5 Million Dollar Bus Accident Verdict

After many years of litigation, trial attorney Richard Abend obtained a 1.5 million dollar jury verdict for our client who sustained serious personal injuries in a bus accident. The defendant, New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) had not offered any settlement prior to trial. The jury determined that the NYCTA was one hundred percent at fault. This trial took place in Supreme Court New York County before Hon. Peter Moulton.

We claimed that the plaintiff was unsafely restrained when she boarded a NYCTA bus using a motorized wheelchair. It was proven that only one of the four available safety restraints was used by the defendant. As the bus made a turn the plaintiff’s wheelchair flipped over and she sustained a fractured femur and fractured clavicle. The plaintiff was being treated for stage four breast cancer at the time of this bus accident. Unfortunately, the plaintiff passed away approximately fourten months after this incident due to her cancer. There was no claim that this incident caused her death, however her treating oncologist testified about how this bus accident affected her ability to enjoy any quality of life in the remaining months of her life.

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